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Restore and Rebalance Physiotherapy Belfast

North Belfast based Physiotherapy and Pilates Clinic.

Our Physiotherapists aim to identify all causes of your pain and address and resolve each component. This ensures the best outcome and permanent resolution of your pain.

Our esteemed reputation for Physiotherapy in Belfast and throughout Northern Ireland is built on our success in resolving complex back pain, neck pain, nerve pain, joint pain, sports injuries and pregnancy related back and pelvic pain. Many of our clients’ have attended multiple other  health/medical practitioners with their conditions without achieving success or satisfaction.  It has only been when they have experienced our holistic hands on approach to assessment and treatment that their pain has been relieved.

Great Physiotherapy in Belfast at Restore and Rebalance doesn’t just temporarily relieve pain.  It instead specifically identifies and treats the root causes of the pain. This is the only way  a more complete and permanent resolution of pain can be achieved.

Our highly experienced Senior Physiotherapists achieve this by identifying all possible causes of a client’s pain using a holistic hands-on approach to their assessments and treatments. If necessary they will then empower the client with tools to effectively manage their condition for the future, through both advice and exercise prescription. The aim being to minimise injury recurrence. Thereby Restoring and Rebalancing the body.

It is not commonly known that back problems can lead to the development of overuse, strain, pain and injuries in other parts of the body. The spine can also refer pain to peripheral limb joints, without the presence of local back pain.

It’s our speciality at Restore and Rebalance Physiotherapy Belfast to diagnose and effectively treat simple and complex pain conditions.

Who benefits from Physiotherapy?

Anyone with back pain, neck pain, nerve pain, joint pain and headaches.

We treat all ages from the toddler who toe walks, to the elderly with chronic back pain. We see many sports injuries and pregnancy related back and pelvic pain.

As we take a hands on approach to treatment there are very few contraindications to our treatment. Our Physiotherapists take a very detailed holistic approach to assessment. It is this detailed holistic approach that enables them to specifically identify all the structures involved in causing your movement impairment and pain.