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Pregnancy Physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy for pregnancy related Back, pelvic and rib pain. Diastasis Recti rehabilitation. Ante/post natal Pilates

Pelvic pain in pregnancy

Back Pain in Pregnancy

Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you have to suffer back pain, pelvic pain or other pregnancy related problems.


80% of pregnant women will suffer from some degree of pregnancy related low back pain and 20% some degree of pelvic girdle pain, with rib pain also a common complaint.

These conditions are often dismissed as being part and parcel of pregnancy and something that must be accepted and suffered.

“Your pregnant what do you expect?”

A lot of health professionals can be reluctant to treat the special population that are mothers to be.
This is not the case at Restore and Rebalance Physiotherapy.

We have Physiotherapists who have trained specifically to be able to effectively treat pregnancy related back, rib and pelvic pain both during and after pregnancy.

They will also help and advise on abdominal core strengthening exercises that are suitable to address Diastasis Recti (Abdominal muscle split). Performing the wrong abdominal exercises can worsen a Diastasis Recti.

Similar core strengthening programmes can be provided for mild to moderate Pelvic floor dysfunction.
Research has shown that gentle manual musculoskeletal mobilisation techniques, core strengthening exercises and postural advice very effectively reduce the levels of pain and disability that these conditions can cause.





Janice Blair

The best thing about Emma is that the treatment she was providing actually worked. It gave me more flexibility which meant I could stay on at work. She was very reassuring – she was confident she could get it better. I had every confidence in her, being a GP myself she instilled confidence with her knowledge. She was very friendly, caring, nice – it was always a pleasure to go. I recommend her to antenatal patients of my own.

Maxine Donohoe

The care I received from Restore and Rebalance was exceptional. Emma thoroughly investigated to ensure she got to the root source of my pain. I was alarmed to learn of the long term impact of mistreated or late diagnosis of my pregnancy related condition. I feel so fortunate that I found Emma. At times I was in tears with pain and Emma responded with emergency appointments. I’m not good at asking for help. Emma’s empathy and competence helped me to cope.